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1. Made in Portugal

Fabrics, buttons, labels and our clothes are made in Portugal. This country offers good working conditions that protect employees. The proximity of Portugal to Switzerland allows us to often go to the field to check the production chain and maintain a good relationship with our manufacturers.

2. Quality

Essential for clothes to last as long as possible. Wearing a piece of clothing many times is a responsible act that limits our impact on the environment. This is one of the most important points for us.

3. No “trendy” clothes

We favor clothes that are timeless but with character that can be worn for many years. Colors and studied cuts, "darling" pieces that we will want to keep for a long time.

4. Natural materials and comfort, a priority

We favor fabrics made of natural materials and low-impact materials such as lyocell. Comfort is very important to us. Who says comfort, says pieces worn more times! The cuts are also studied so that you are comfortable!

5. No overproduction

Our clothes are first offered in pre-order in order to know as much as possible the demand of our customers. We will add a few more pieces to our order in order to provide for possible size exchanges and cover minimum orders.

6. Less but better

Produce less but better. No collections at a frantic pace but just enough to have fun in a reasoned way. We want to produce small quantities in order not to waste but also to offer you “exclusive” clothes that you would like to cherish.